Pro9 Global precision wall systems

Pro9 Global’s revolutionary building systems are leading the world in modular construction of energy efficient buildings.

Our insulated wall systems are pre-fabricated for fast and affordable installation in residential and commercial projects and are delivered as complete walls, custom-made to the architect's dimensions. We can even pre-install double-glazed windows.

These structural walls combine strong steel framing with integrated insulation to give at least 50% better thermal efficiency than the latest Australian standards and are Codemark certified to conform to the National Construction Code throughout Australia.

The combination of fast build time, lower cost, higher thermal efficiency and flexibility in design offers multiple benefits to both builder and homeowner alike.

To cap it all, our products are made utilising much less energy and fewer carbon dioxide emissions than traditional building materials and will continue to reduce household energy consumption throughout their lives.

Smarter walls, better homes.


November 27, 2019
Pro9 Global boosts eco-house energy efficiency
Pro9 Global’s thermally insulated wall system has been used to build an eco-house aiming to set the benchmark for sustainable living in Western Australia. 
February 14, 2019
Pro9 Global sizes up construction giants on award shortlist
Pro9 Global has been shortlisted in three categories of the 2019 Australian Construction Awards for its precision building systems, taking on billion-dollar giants USG Boral and John Holland.

Pro9 Global products

Steel-framed structural insulated wall systems used in residential, commercial and industrial construction.

polyurethane core providing market leading thermal insulation with R values from 3.6 up to passive house standards of 7.2
Up to 4 storey load-bearing strength due to galvanised steel frame.
magnesium sulphate cement board outer skin which is durable and rated for exteme bushfire areas BAL-FZ.
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External wall facade system for superior thermal insulation within a hard wearing, weather-durable building envelope.

easily fixed to residential and commercial projects to improve thermal and acoustic efficiency.
polyurethane core with magnesium sulphate cement board outer coating for a non-combustible, durable exterior.
suitable for both retrofit and new buildings.
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Double-glazed windows through Pro9’s exclusive licence to import European state-of-the-art windows.

enhanced energy efficiency, durability and aesthetics.
heat transmission greatly reduced compared to single-glaze windows.
noise transmission virtually eliminated.
can be pre-installed in walls for further time and cost savings.
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Benefits for home owners

Reduced energy bills

You will use less power to heat or cool your home, saving up to 50% on ongoing electricity bills.

Engineered for strength

Steel reinforced walls are load bearing and built to withstand earthquakes, cyclones and extremes of Australian weather.

Comfort and liveability

Enjoy a more consistent temperature all year round and better air-quality.  You may not need air-conditioning.

Greater durability

By eliminating timber from the construction process, Pro9 walls will not warp or rot, they resist termites and need no maintenance.

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Benefits for builders

Engineered for strength

Pro9’s steel framed walls are load-bearing, certified to 4 storeys and can support concrete floors.

Faster build time

Saves at least a month in construction and virtually eliminates weather and other delays.

Reduced construction cost

Lower labour costs due to fewer trades onsite and eliminates site errors and delays between stages.  Minimal waste disposal.

High quality build

Dimensionally stable and rot proof, unlike timber.  Fewer call-backs, settlememt cracks and warranty claims.

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