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Pro9 Global is an innovative Australian company which manufactures prefabricated, precision wall systems that reduce building costs and shorten construction timeframes, whilst also delivering a more thermally-efficient home that will save energy costs and provide a more comfortable temperature throughout the day.

Pro9’s modular systems are produced to order, according to your own architect's design and are suitable for a range of applications  for both external and internal walls.  Compliance with building code throughout Australia is demonstrated by the award of the Codemark certificate.  Unlike panel type systems, the Pro9 walls are load-bearing due to their integrated galvanised steel frames and are certified by an independent engineer to meet AS and NASH standards. They can even carry the load of concrete intermediate floors.

By shifting much of the construction away from the building site to a controlled factory environment, greater precision can be achieved and all the walls of an average-sized house can be installed onto a standard concrete foundation slab inside a week.  Upper levels can be erected onto either concrete or lightweight intermediate floors and are certified up to 4 storeys.

The result is not only a faster, cheaper build but also a more durable and energy efficient home.

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Pro9 Products

Steel-framed structural insulated wall systems used in residential, commercial and industrial construction.

polyurethane core providing market leading thermal insulation with R values from 3.6 up to passive house standards of 7.2
Up to 4 storey load-bearing strength due to galvanised steel frame.
magnesium sulphate cement board outer skin which is durable and rated for exteme bushfire areas BAL-FZ.
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Double-glazed windows through Pro9’s exclusive licence to import European state-of-the-art windows.

enhanced energy efficiency, durability and aesthetics.
heat transmission greatly reduced compared to single-glaze windows.
noise transmission virtually eliminated.
can be pre-installed in walls for further time and cost savings.
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External wall facade system for superior thermal insulation within a hard wearing, weather-durable building envelope.

easily fixed to residential and commercial projects to improve thermal and acoustic efficiency.
polyurethane core with magnesium sulphate cement board outer coating for a non-combustible, durable exterior.
suitable for both retrofit and new buildings.
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