Benefits for the builder

Pro9’s building systems are revolutionising the construction industry due to the speed of installation, quality of the build and the energy efficiency and comfort of the finished product.

Pro9’s prefabricated walls are load-bearing, made to bespoke sizes, and generally  installed as complete walls - not a series of standard-sized panels. They are suitable for a  range of building applications and carry the Codemark certificate for use up to 4 storeys.

By shifting construction away from the jobsite to a controlled factory environment, on-site labour hours and errors are minimised.   We can install an average set of walls, both external and internal, in under a week onto a standard concrete foundation slab.  The manpower required is just two men, plus a crane operator and rigger.  Larger builders are likely to want to use their own crews and we are happy to train them, over time, by working together on live jobs.

Not only are there direct cost savings to be made by using the Pro9 wall system, but many other indirect savings come from faster construction times, reduction of errors and potentially reduced warranty claims.

As electricity costs rise and consumers become ever more aware of environmental factors, the ability to deliver a more energy-efficient home will become a key differentiator within the building trade.  Indeed, the promise of future energy savings, coupled with the greater durability of a steel frame, should result in higher sales prices for the finished product.

Smarter Walls, Better Homes

Engineered for strength

Galvanised internal steel frame, load-bearing up to 4 storeys.

Faster build time

External and internal walls typically erected in a week.

Reduced construction cost

Lower labour costs and delays with fewer trades onsite.

High quality build

Accurate and stable dimensions, water and airtight.

Multi-storey load bearing

Upper storeys can be installed on concrete or lightweight floors.

Reduced site waste

Site waste virtually eliminated.

Compatible with all finishes

Direct fix acrylic render, stone cladding, weatherboard etc.

Benefits for home owners

> Energy efficiency
> Comfort and liveability
> Acoustic reduction
> Flexible design 


Pro9 Products

Steel-framed structural insulated wall systems used in residential, commercial and industrial construction.

polyurethane core providing market leading thermal insulation with R values from 3.6 up to passive house standards of 7.2
Up to 4 storey load-bearing strength due to galvanised steel frame.
magnesium sulphate cement board outer skin which is durable and rated for exteme bushfire areas BAL-FZ.
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Double-glazed windows through Pro9’s exclusive licence to import European state-of-the-art windows.

enhanced energy efficiency, durability and aesthetics.
heat transmission greatly reduced compared to single-glaze windows.
noise transmission virtually eliminated.
can be pre-installed in walls for further time and cost savings.
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External wall facade system for superior thermal insulation within a hard wearing, weather-durable building envelope.

easily fixed to residential and commercial projects to improve thermal and acoustic efficiency.
polyurethane core with magnesium sulphate cement board outer coating for a non-combustible, durable exterior.
suitable for both retrofit and new buildings.
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