Benefits for the home owner

There is no need to compromise on design when specifying Pro9 walls, as they are manufactured to order to fit your plans rather than being made up of standard-sized panels.   By working with your architect in the early stages of design, we can generally further reduce costs and produce cleaner, more contemporary, lines by eliminating unecessary structural steelwork.

The exteriors can be finished in whatever material you choose, with the greatest cost savings coming from using a contemporary acrylic render directly onto the Pro9 wall.   If you want a more traditional look, then brick or stone cladding, weatherboard or any other finish can easily be fixed.

Our walls have high thermal and acoustic insulating properties which improve the comfort of your home, outperforming conventional building materials by a wide margin.  A well-insulated building can reduce heating and cooling expenses by at least half, compared to the usual standards in Australia.  In fact, our thickest wall, while still being only 210mm wide, reaches passive house standards of R7.2 making it ideal for use with solar power in off-grid locations, or just to slash those ever-rising electricity bills.

Not only will building with Pro9 save energy but, thanks to its steel frame, a Pro9 home will not warp or rot and is resistant to termites.  You will have the comfort of knowing that the wall system has been extensively weather and fire-tested, resists cyclones, and is rated BAL-FZ for use in extreme bushfire zones.

Finally, the construction time should be reduced by at least a month, when compared to a traditional build, and so you will be able to save on the cost of alternative accomodation and enjoy your new home that much sooner.

Smarter Walls, Better Homes

Flexible design
Fast installation
Reduced construction cost
High thermal resistance
High acoustic performance
Strong and durable
Rated BAL-FZ for extreme bushfire zone

What is R-Value?

The R-Value is a thermal performance rating system that helps builders determine the right insulation product for their area and building project. The higher the R-Value, the more effective the insulation product is for both warm and cold weather.


Pro9 Panels
Pro9 Facades
Aerated concrete (100mm thick)
Hebel (75mm panel)
Brick veneer
Solid brick (230mm thick)
Solid concrete (200mm thick)
Solid concrete (100mm thick)


R 7 - 9
R 7 - 9
R 0.78
R 0.59
R 0.55
R 0.51
R 0.44
R 0.30
R 0.23

Source: Sustainable Energy Authority Victoria, 2002

Benefits for builders

> Engineered for strength
> Faster build time
> Reduced construction cost
> Higher quality build


Pro9 Products

Steel-framed structural insulated wall systems used in residential, commercial and industrial construction.

polyurethane core providing market leading thermal insulation with R values from 3.6 up to passive house standards of 7.2
Up to 4 storey load-bearing strength due to galvanised steel frame.
magnesium sulphate cement board outer skin which is durable and rated for exteme bushfire areas BAL-FZ.
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Double-glazed windows through Pro9’s exclusive licence to import European state-of-the-art windows.

enhanced energy efficiency, durability and aesthetics.
heat transmission greatly reduced compared to single-glaze windows.
noise transmission virtually eliminated.
can be pre-installed in walls for further time and cost savings.
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External wall facade system for superior thermal insulation within a hard wearing, weather-durable building envelope.

easily fixed to residential and commercial projects to improve thermal and acoustic efficiency.
polyurethane core with magnesium sulphate cement board outer coating for a non-combustible, durable exterior.
suitable for both retrofit and new buildings.
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