October 26, 2017

University of Stuttgart confirms durability of Pro9 wall systems

Pro9 Global’s Structural Wall System has undergone life-cycle testing by the University of Stuttgart in Germany.

The Materials Testing Institute conducted a 50 heat-rain cycle test and found the wall system exhibited no cracks, delamination, deformation or bending.

“We set out to create a robust wall system that would stand the test of time and the testing in Germany has confirmed our product is strong and durable,” said Mr Jukic.

Pro9 Global’s Structural Wall System is multi-storey load bearing without the need for columns or beams.

The wall system consists of three key components – steel framing, external proprietary ProBoard (magnesium sulphate cement board) and polyurethane.

The steel frame and outer layer of ‘ProBoard’ is filled with polyurethane, which is hot injected under high pressure to create a relatively lightweight, but strong wall with high energy saving properties.

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